Gallery, Orkney

Gravel, gravel and more gravel!


Preparation are underway for the Aries Gallery Open Day in October.

This has involved spending several happy days redistributing a large pile of gravel around the car park and rear of the building, ruining a couple of pairs of gloves in the process!

Besides shifting gravel, we have been selecting, printing and mounting A3 images – 77 in total as we have 8 display boards. We tried A4 mounted prints to begin with but these looked a bit like a pea on a drum, so we changed to A3 which means we can get 11 on each display board – 10 landscape and 1 portrait which seems to work well.  This took quite a while as each image position was measured, marked, drilled and clips installed individually.

display boards

The 8th display board is set aside for guest artists/photographers. At the moment we are displaying canvas prints of original artwork by Francis Robson.

A number of stretched canvases have also been prepared to hang on the walls, and we have mounted 3 display racks for A4 mounted prints, embroidered greetings cards, notelets and postcards on the walls on either side of the fire exit door.

The embroidered wall art collections have been hung on the walls above the display table built along one side of the gallery to display embroidered goods such as pendant and earring sets, pashminas, lace bookmarks and other gifts. Next to this is a free-standing oak dining table – this came from Alan’s parents – and we are using this to display the embroidered tablecloth, napkin, coaster and lampshades.

We have applied for membership of, been vetted and accepted onto the Orkney Creative Trail, which means we will have a page on their website and we will appear in their 2020 brochure. We were pleasantly surprised by how widely the brochure is distributed.

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