An inexpensive printing medium giving good all-round performance.

Similar to the semi-gloss but has a higher gloss level. Some photographers prefer it for high contrast images.

A fairly glossy paper where the glossiness is broken up by a fine-textured surface. It is the favoured choice for many photographers.

This has the same finish as the standard lustre paper but is a heavier weight.

A coated paper containing a small amount of silver metal which is very good for high saturation images e.g. dramatic sunsets.

Very often used for museum work and is perhaps the most expensive media we carry.

This paper has the appearance of fine textured canvas, and offers very good value for money.


Made up of polyester fibres and carries a resin coating. This is an inexpensive and popular choice. It stretches reasonably well and has a fine canvas texture.

Manufactured from cotton fibres and has a slightly brighter white surface colour giving the ability to create a better colour gamut. It is also available in a number of different textures from standard (smooth) to quite course.

Another cotton fibre canvas this time with a very bright white surface giving the ability to give just about the best colour gamut. It is more expensive than the standard cotton canvas.


A white coated polypropylene that will stick to most smooth surfaces.


Although the print is waterproof once the ink has dried on the canvas, we recommend, and apply as standard, a layer of lacquer over the printed surface to protect it from mechanical damage. Customers can request an unlacquered canvas if preferred.

All our papers and canvas are microporous resin-coated which means that the pigment inks that we use sink into the surface rather than sit on the top of it, resulting in a product with a projected lifetime of around 200 years with no discernible difference after 80 years

Canvases are normally supplied stretched over a wooden frame, and prints are normally supplied mounted but unframed. If space and weight is an issue, customers can choose to take a canvas or print away in a rolled format.


All embroidery products are made using top quality fabrics and German manufactured Madeira Rayon 40 embroidery threads with some specialist Madeira threads where appropriate.

We stock the full range of Madeira Rayon 40 threads including variegated threads, so if you have a specific colour scheme in mind, please discuss you ideas with us.

Top quality stabilisers and toppings are used, such as Avalon Ultra for free-standing lace.


Frames are untreated pine so that customer can paint or stain these to match their personal décor, and all framed products have a clear glass front.

We also have a stock of white and black frames – please contact us to request these alternatives.


Lace pendant and earring sets have sterling silver chains and earring loops, and can be purchased in a simple presentation box on request.

Table linens are Egyptian cotton with a satin band, and all towels are hotel quality.