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Aries Gallery Open Day 26th October

Aries Gallery open day

After a hectic run-up to the Aries Gallery Open Day, we arrived early on the day to pin up the last of the image descriptions that accompany each mounted print and stretched canvas as well as health and safety notices and a price list.

One of our first visitors was a Harray neighbour who very kindly brought treats which we added to the biscuits we had put out in the kitchen to accompany tea and coffee. We had a chat with him about the embroidered clock on the kitchen wall as we would like a nice wooden surround for it and he does a bit of woodturning as a hobby.

Other visitors (Birsay neighbours) brought cards to wish us luck which we pinned to the kitchen wall for all to see – a lovely thought.

There was a steady stream of folk through the door, despite the atrocious weather, so we chatted and showed off the large printer and multi-needle embroidery machine in the workroom.

We sold a mix of photos and embroidered goods on the day which was good, as well as being asked to quote for a stretched canvas.

Tea, coffee and biscuits on open day

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