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Woodland Animals wall art range


Orkney now has a very small number of Coronavirus cases and we are pushing hard to get our website functionality and glitches sorted out and content fine-tuned so that we can launch the website and take advantage of the on-line presence opportunities that are springing up for small business in Orkney and Scotland.

We haven’t been able to fully commission the new printer because travel is restricted so visits to the gallery have stopped for the present.

Norah has created a new range of wall art – woodland animals – featuring squirrel, rabbit, hedgehog and fox, and she has put together a new range of smaller free-standing lace bookmarks with tassels.

We have also been commissioned to make a cushion for a lady’s 70th birthday. As it’s the lady’s birthday in May, we won’t be posting any details until next month’s blog.

Alan is experimenting a little with portraiture and to this end, he has acquired a F1.2 85mm lens which does give extremely good portraiture images and is allegedly very good for star trails – yet to be tried. A good excuse for visiting the Northumberland dark skies national park next winter, hopefully, which is only a few miles from our flat in the south (Definition of south – anything south of Orkney!)

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