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Custom Cushions and more

This month I have been commissioned to make two custom birthday cushions and a guitar strap. The cushion mentioned last month for a 70th birthday  is made using a gold coloured faux suede fabric with a smooth nap, the central design is Celtic swirls and leaves predominantly in autumn colours, and I’ve added the lady’s initials and age in diagonally opposite corners. The cushion is then finished with a braided flange.

The second custom cushion, for a 60th birthday, is made using a brown faux suede fabric with a mottled nap, the design being a quilt block design, depicting the tree of life. The lady’s initials and age were stitched first, under the branches of the tree, batting was then added to the fabric and then the quilt block design was stitched through the fabric and batting. A plain back was added to the quilted front.

The custom guitar strap is made of black webbing with a bold geometric design and is lined with a tan coloured faux suede fabric.

We continue to experiment with different photographic media and have been doing test prints at home on a cost-effective gloss paper which is showing promise.

Alan is still working on the ICC’s (the colour gamut properties of the specific media). This involves matching the media properties colour gamut to the printer as each media has its own ICC properties. Once we have access to the gallery restored, these ICC’s will be fine-tuned on each of the two large format printers.

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