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Open to the public from 1st September

Creative Trail Sign

We WILL open to the public from 1st September Tuesday – Friday 10am – 4pm, and by appointment outside of these times. We will continue to monitor the COVID-19 situation and if necessary, we will update our schedule as appropriate.

Thanks to Creative Orkney, we now have road signs at the junction of the A986 and Netherbrough Road to help guide visitors to the gallery on Netherbrough Road. Another Creative Orkney member has already seen the benefits of these road signs in the first few days of their presence, so do look out for the brown Creative Trail Gallery signpost.

Alan has created a series of Birds on the Brough (of Birsay) images on canvas that we will be hanging at the gallery over the next few days.

We have introduced another new embroidery category called Quilters Quarters where we have a few examples of the many quilt block designs that can be stitched onto a quilter’s own fabric. There are many more designs available than we can upload to the website, and they cover a range of designs from open stitching, trapunto, and filled stitching. Quilters are encouraged to discuss their quilt theme ideas with us.


I have also added the Mester Stoorworm to the Orkney Collection of wall art. This is the Orcadian mythical sea serpent whose clever destruction by a farmer’s boy, Assipattle, saved virgins from being devoured by the serpent and his reward was to take the kind’s daughter as his bride. As the serpent died, its thrashing tail created the Baltic Sea, and its teeth dropped out to form the Orkney, Shetland and Faroe Islands.

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