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Murals and talks

Alan attended a photographic workshop in Edinburgh and came back with some very atmospheric night scene photos and some images of some of Edinburgh’s historic closes.

It’s amazing who you meet whilst waiting to board a ferry – I spotted a van advertising the work of an Edinburgh based mural artist and as we have had the idea of painting a mural on the outside of the gallery wall, I spoke to Chris of Chris Rutterford Productions. As a result, we have now commissioned a mural for the gallery front door and wall. We are very excited by the discussions we had with Chris and some of the ideas that he and his partner Lubi came up with, so we are very much looking forward to seeing his draft design.

We have been engaged to produce a stretched print from a personal photo, and to embroidery names of Dounby Day Centre users onto towels as Christmas gifts – a lovely idea.

The SWI talk went well although we got off to a bad start as we couldn’t get their projector to talk to any of the three laptops we took with us. In altering the projector settings, that upset one of the laptops completely so this meant we ended up having the group huddled round the remaining two laptops whilst Alan and I tried our best to co-ordinate the images and narrative, operating one laptop each!  We now have our own projector and screen! We now have the idea of doing our own presentations from time to time at the gallery where we can accommodate small audiences, and, as suggested by a friend, who knows – we might even offer the gallery as a musical venue to small audiences, as the acoustics are good.

We were asked to judge the fruit cake and Christmas decorations created by the SWI ladies – that was hard, as they are all so good and obviously a lot of time and effort went into each creation!

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