New – Guitar Straps

We have been busy creating a few new limited edition guitar/cittern/mandola straps.

Four new designs are now in stock. Each one we make is unique and numbered, and will not be repeated to another customer.

See the range here – all priced at £45.

Strap 14 – the Norse God Odin’s ravens Huginn and Muninn on green webbing

Strap 15 bold geometric design inspired by Moroccan tiles on black webbing

Strap 16 – lightly stitched florals with gold metallic embellishment on black webbing

Strap 17 – bold geometric design on red webbing

And don’t forget that we are always happy to discuss any custom requirements you might have. Click here to view previous commissions The guide price is £45 with a £20 deposit required with order.

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